Version 1.10
Bring your hunting experience to another level with Armasight App.

By FLIR Systems

Armasight Updates

Added support for more cameras.
Fixed bugs.

Take your long range shooting and hunting experience to the next level with the Armasight App.
Connect your Armasight Zeus Pro or Apollo Pro Thermal Imager (all units supplied after Nov 15, 2015) with your phone to see your own geolocation, range, orientation, remote control operation, target coordinates, shot counter and other valuable data to enhance your hunting experience. Control your Armasight Thermal Imager remotely using your phone to change system operational parameters, see your geolocation and directional orientation, and get effective range estimates as viewed on the mobile device screen. Pair the Kestel 4500 or newer bluetooth enabled weather station to your phone to see ambient weather conditions including real time wind direction and speed BOTH on your phone and injected into the Armasight Thermal Imager eyepiece display.

Download Armasight version 1.10

Download Armasight version 1.10.apk (9.13 MB)


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