Joy Messenger

Joy Messenger

Version 1.8.5
Enjoy a new chatting experience.

By Snack Communication Technologies

Get a fast experience when you get our app. Due to data centers that are scattered around the world your message is delivered fast. You can count on it to get to it's destination at minimum time.
Our app is 100% free and it is ad supported.
There is unlimited amount of storage, so you can send unlimited files of any type and size. You have your own personal cloud, where you can store things at a secure way for as much time as you will need and for any space that you will want. You can send the things you want to yourself or to your friends.
Very secure and safe. Our encryption methods make sure that you can count on it to be very secured. Your messages are safe with us so you can share it with your friends.
You can now create groups of up to 10,000 members. You can choose a group admin, change group members and customize the experience in the way you want it to be, so it will be in the way you wish, even if you want that someone specific will manage a specific group, it's possible. The groups are powerful, so you can spend time with others for free.
A unique set of emojis and stickers to send. They are getting refreshed all the time – find the ones that are suitable for you and start sharing them with your friends and family members to enrich the conversation. In fact, getting the right emoji at the right time can save your time at expressing your feelings, that everyone knows how you feel, including your parents or others that can be more expressive when they use them.
Reliable – you can count on our app that will serve you right at all times, doesn't matter what you are using in addition to this one, may it be any other service. At any problem, you can send us an email and we will try to respond as soon as possible, even if you don't have any background you can still ask any question you may have. This app is very simple to use and in fact any user can start using it with ease, with no in depth explanations. It is suitable to all ages.
Private – you can even send self destructing messages or media files, with a specific timer that sets the time for each one until at disappears, it's perfect when discussing with those who don't pay attention to deleting messages.
You can send us bug issues or any other comment that you have. You can choose to do so by email or by leaving a review.
Please leave your feedbacks.
Thank you very much.

Download Joy Messenger version 1.8.5

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