bSafe - Personal Safety App

bSafe - Personal Safety App

Version 3.4.04
bSafe puts your safety in your hands. Set up your social safety network now!

By Mobile Software AS

Make bSafe part of your life and never walk alone again

More than 1 million downloads

More than 100.000 articles in media such as CNN, NBC, BBC, Fox News, Forbes.

bSafe Alarm
With bSafe, you automatically send information about who you are, where you are (GPS) and what's happening (video + audio) with time stamps. A video that was recorded when the alarm was activated, is automatically sent to guardians mobile. All information is stored securely on our servers, and is thus recoverable even if your phone is broken.

Follow me
Ask guardians to follow you home with Follow Me live GPS tracking. They will be able to see you live via the map on your mobile. Once you have come home safely, your guardians will receive a message about it.

Timer Alarm
You can use a Timer Alarm to program an auto alarm that will be triggered to your guardians if you have not checked in within a certain time. This is great if you're jogging or going home late in the evening.

Fake Call
Get your phone to call you and get out of unpleasant or threatening situations.

Set up your security network - Guardians
Set up your own social, personal security network of friends and family (guardians). Invite as many as you want.

"bSafe is a safety service that can easily be used by anyone. I see potential for solving real issues for children and parents and anyone looking for solutions to increase their security. Everyone needs a service like this."
Jada Pinkett Smith

"Not only do I believe that bSafe will be a big commercial success, but I also think it has a potential to help change society"
Roy Rosser, Patent Agent in R.R (Princeton)

"bSafe saved my life."
Stian T, Norway

"I love this app! It gives me and my girlfriends peace of mind everywhere we go."
Sandra S, US

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