WRS Racing  -GT-

WRS Racing -GT-

Version 2.1
The Best Racing Game of all time... The Race Begins...

By cg games

WRS -- World Racing Simulation

Everyone joins a race to be number one but there are also another reasons to

play a car game , like environment.

For example desert , night , rainy and snowy.

Be ready for great races with beautiful environment and challenging races.

Overtake your rivals , be fast and win.


-- Realistic driving system

-- Inspiring music

-- 12 different super cars

-- Unique tracks

-- Many Camera angles

-- Vehicle painting

-- Original engine sounds

-- Amazing graphics and quality settings

-- Exciting midnight race


You can unlock new cars and tracks by winning coins.

Enjoy it.......

Download WRS Racing -GT- version 2.1

Download WRS Racing -GT- version 2.1.apk (66.57 MB)

  • 3.7 Gameplay

  • 3.8 Graphics

  • 3.6 Controls


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