Super Spider Hero vs Spider boy

Super Spider Hero vs Spider boy

Version 1.2
Be a Hero Spider in Ring to Defeat all monster super heroes.

By Fun Simulator Studio - action, sim and racing game

Do you played superhero fighting games and best games of 2017? If yes then you must also like this Latest super spider hero vs spider boy. You have played the old style game like Spider super hero, strange hero and Anti Terrorist game but you have latest Spider Boy Adventure missions.
As a real and modern action spider hero combat and strike against your enemies to save your city from these monster strange red heroes. Are you in search of spider games, hero games and new war games? Strange Spider superhero is a completely free superhero game having great adventure of rope strange hero. Just download this new spider hero game and enjoy unlimited package of fun and action. Strange super Hero in Future Battle have a fantastic contest which is waiting for you. Be a master in the art of kung fu & martial arts. Run down the mad city and find mafia gangsters to start a superhero battle. Once you join non-stop action, you won’t be able to back down! Exhibit yourself to others if you can be a true superhero, in arcade style, with this most recommended game.
Get ready! Intense superhero battle and street fighting game is what this is about! Show your moves in Kung Fuu and martial arts, which no other superhero has. True superhero is born in the process of a street fighting game, gaining fighting skills! Feel the power going through your armor and strength that your hands have, handling a real fighting machine. Showcase your fighting skills in this street fighting game! Tell mafia gangsters there’s no place for them in your metropolis. In this latest new game you have different spider super hero fighters. So fight like a brave hero in hero battle fight and Show some incredible monster super hero fighting and rescue skill. Tell them who the super hero in New York City is. City need a hero in this home coming war. Amazing flying spiders are ready for this man to man fight. Latest Super Spider hero ring fighting vs monster hero have different type of amazing flying spider heroes to fight against these combatant flying mutant. They can’t ever turn it into a crime city! Arcade style game will let you do everything that a superhero needs to do! Indulge in superhero battle and take responsibility of humanity of crime city, in this non-stop action game. Evil forces must not win this superhero battle! Become most dreaded true superhero with your kung Fu and martial arts skills! Get ready to take part in this single superhero battle, test you’re fighting skills in the amalgam of all superhero games and street fighting game. Get ready to join the battle force come together as Batboys, American Captain, Gulk, Wonder Girl, Scorpions, Speedy Man and Super-Boy. Complete arcade style! Each superhero battle will be dangerous. It’s all about admiration and magnificence, so high your street fighting experience in this non-stop action game. With this street fighting simulator game, use your combat skills of these super heroes to emerge as a life savior. Take out the true superhero in you and be a part of non-stop action to save crime city!
Brawler between spider hero and strange hero is begin. Let’s fight like the superheroes. Complete your anti-terrorist mission as a superhero to save the city from this new future war.
super spider hero vs spider boy has the following features:

• Amazing 3D graphics and sounds
• Street fighting game
• 3 different scenarios
• Includes martial arts, kung fu skills and even muay thai!
• Arcade style
• Multiple superheroes to choose from

Download Super Spider Hero vs Spider boy version 1.2

Download Super Spider Hero vs Spider boy version 1.2.apk (38.18 MB)

  • 4.3 Gameplay

  • 3.9 Controls

  • 4.3 Graphics


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