Shape Image View

Shape Image View

Version 1.0
Demo for library that provides a framework for different shaped image views.

By Siyamed

Provides a set of custom shaped android imageview components, and a framework to define more shapes. Implements both shader and bitmap mask based image views.

- Shader based one uses canvas draw methods and Path class,
- Mask based one uses xfermode to draw image on bitmaps defined by android shape XML's or resource bitmaps.

There are many projects online implementing such components, however one goal of this project is to provide a performant/smooth scrolling image view component framework to define different shapes for imageviews.

This view has the capability to process a provided SVG file (for a limited set of SVG elements), build a Path object and draw it on the shader. The library includes SVG files defining a set of basic shapes and ShapeImageView subclasses using those files. You can use whatever SVG you want to have a wonderful and creatively shaped images in your application.

Out of box components include:
* BubbleImageView
* RoundedImageView
* CircularImageView
* ShapeImageView
* DiamondImageView
* PentagonImageView
* HexagonImageView
* OctogonImageView
* StarImageView
* HeartImageView

Download Shape Image View version 1.0

Download Shape Image View version 1.0.apk (1.02 MB)


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